The AI PowerVision Hybrid Edge/Cloud
Platform for Smart-Glasses and Medical Devices

Digital Near/Far, Adjustable Chromaticism, Connected and Smart

Smart Glasses Hosted by the Leading AI PowerVision Platform
Non Intrusive, and Non Invasive

PowerVision AI Edge / Cloud Ecosystem

PowerVision AI Edge / Cloud Architecture

How It Works

  • Unlike other approaches, the PowerVision system is non-intrusive and non-invasive with an emphasis on contactless bio-sensing. It can adjust power and color either automatically or on demand, and optional notifications are shared directly without impairing sight. Artificial Intelligence makes these glasses smart and insightful.
  • The PowerVision Platform will connect with both iOS and Android devices and will adapt to the visual environment to pull notifications, similar to a smartwatch, but completely non-intrusively.
  • UX choices include:
    • Sound-based contactless bio-sensing.
    • Non-intrusive projecting, similar to the technology used by the iPhone X, to scan your face for Animoji and Face ID.
    • To keep balanced weight, the smart glasses frames house the visual sound and light processing on the right and the Bluetooth, processor, and other technology on the left.
    • TapTap® and ShakeShake® motion-controlled UX are optional.

The PowerVision platform makes eyewear immersion accurate, reliable, and completely non-invasive
Machine learning continually improves algorithms and user experiences; firmware updates and remote troubleshooting are handled automatically

AI + Cognitive Behavioral Science Creates Better Outcomes
Under the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Science, Fullpower Labs' AI creates personal actionable insights from quantified personal and community information, if desired for fitness-centric solutions

Fullpower Labs' AI includes on-demand automated eyesight checks and is designed for global deployment with GDPR compliance

Fullpower Labs AI Hybrid Edge/Cloud PowerVision Platform Use Case Examples:

  • Near width and far-sight adjusting
  • Full chromaticism even behind a 100pct UV filter
  • The PowerVision Platform AI will also track subtle head movements and respond to certain commands through built-in sensors; built-in mics allow communication with voice assistants such as Alexa
  • AI can retrieve various smart "ambient contextual information" based on position and directional gaze without the user having to actually ask for it.
  • APIs allow the developer community to create custom solutions for vertical markets such as medical applications, intelligent safety glasses for labs, or immersive solutions for factories.